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                                       Weijia company is located in the middle of central China. Through its effort, the ordinary brand Jingmen Weijia was transformed into an extraordinary one. As the leader of Chinese wax industry, Weijia company specializes in product research and development, production and sales of specialty wax. As one of the technology-based SMEs in China, Weijia was the first batch to get food grade wax production license. As a high-tech enterprise, Weijia is the only one that equipped with food grade production license of both wax and white oil in China. Using all products, all-round solutions and new technology, Weijia is striving to create a better future.

                                    With the bells of new century, Weijia started its deep processing on industrial wax which announced the found of its specialty wax industry. This company, from a simple processing plant, developed into a modern factory covering 35,000 m2 with many office building and more than 21,000 m2 workshop. Its scale in the specialty wax industry ranked in the forefront of our country. From hand workshops to full mechanization, automated, intelligent production, Weijia achieved huge transformation and sublimation like the phoenix.

                                    Weijia constantly enrich its products, forming a complete range of categories of specialty wax products, including automobile, textile, culture & education, food, medicine, cosmetic, home supplies, power electronics, rubber and plastic which performed excellent style in their own field. Our company now has 5 production lines manufacturing nearly 50,000 tons of wax and related wax products annually. Its product series named "Wenfeng Tower”± and "WJ Weijia" won the title of famous trademark of Hubei Province, Hubei Famous Brand and Invisible champion of segmentation of Pillar Industry in Hubei Province. The ”°WJ”± trademark was awarded the national well-known trademark and recognized by Sinopec to be top ten Strategic Customers and long-term partner units.

                                    Weijia constantly masters unique technology and got unexpected achievement with acquiring 8 invention patents and utility model patents. In 2012, successful research and development have been made in rust-proof wax used in automobile chassis, which add the first record in this field of the production of specialty waxes. The year of 2013 witnessed the introduction of automatic production line of food grade wax and foundation of the most advanced GMP production workshop in the country. The daily capacity of food grade paraffin wax and micro wax reach to 100 tons. In 2014, the compound wax production line, special produced for explosives, was officially put into operation. With those efforts, our company won highly praise from many central enterprises and listed civil explosive enterprises, forming a long-term supply-demand relationship with those enterprises and becoming a leader in this field.

                                    Weijia, grasping tightly the opportunity of state support for green petrochemical cluster construction, implement long-term strategic cooperation among industry, academia and research and construct food grade white oil application technology engineering center hands with the National Academy of Food Science, Wuhan Polytechnic University. Multi-stage investment of 500 million Yuan was inputted in biomedical Industrial park in Jingmen High-tech Zone, which used to construct 4 production lines of food grade wax (ten thousand tons grade), 2 production lines of medical grade petroleum jelly (ten thousand tons grade), and 2 production lines of food grade white oil. The mentioned above project has been designated as a provincial key construction project. In 2017, the company was awarded the title of ”°National High-Tech Enterprise”±. May 2018, with annual output of 50,000 tons, the production line of food grade white oil was put into production. For those achievements, Weijia company became the leader of the industry in this field and the only one who acquired production qualification and ability of food grade white oil in Hubei Province even the entire Central South region. Our company is the pioneer in a new production which was blended with petrochemical industry, grain industry and lithium battery industry. This product used widely in grain dust suppression and explosion proof, water retention, insect and mildew prevention, lithium battery diaphragm and other technical fields, possessing unlimited development space and huge market potential.

                                    Our company always insists the principle of "Quality and Credit Come First”±. Adhering to the development philosophy of "integrity, harmony, innovation, win-win cooperation”±, take company as a career; make the product a work. Our company creates a solid inner management platform internally with the starting goal of improving management efficiency and ability. As a result, corporate security and quality management has been certified for ISO9001:2008 quality management system, and product quality reaches EU EC, US FDA standard; Taking professional foundation & resources accumulated in the industry for many years and channel integration capabilities as our core competitiveness, as well as advanced services, system integration, zero distance as modern service concept, our company externally, created a service model and service team, becoming a bright color in the market.

                                    Jingmen Weijia expands the market with products, create new age with innovation, and win customers with integrity. The people of Weijia are constantly improving themselves. They constantly adhered to the principle that ordinary action can make extraordinary achievement and small products can be developed into big business.

                                    As the future road is endless, what we should do is to keep going. Jingmen Weijia, to open future world with Sincere£» Jingmen Weijia, to achieve global success bravely!

                                    Company profile
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